Experience our skate lessons

Here you can sign up for a trial lesson at one of our adult classes in inline skating.

At the trial lesson, we will find out if there is a good match between you and us. Among other things we look at whether there is good chemistry between you and the team’s instructor and whether our approach to teaching skating is right for you.

The goal of the trial lesson is that you go home with a successful experience. It could be learning a new trick or breaking a mental barrier for the first time. Because there should be a clear “yes” when we ask you at the end of the lesson if you have had fun and if you have learned something new.

Sign up for a trial lesson

Use the form to choose your desired team for your trial lesson. If you choose one of our existing offers you pay 125 DKK for the trial lesson. If you have any questions you can send us an email at info[at]lowacademy.dk or call us at +45 42 46 90 40.