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Free trial lesson

Sign up for a free trial lesson on scooter, rollerblades, skateboard, parkour or BMX.

We will contact you on mail or by phone, to make sure that together we find the very best team for you.

Questions: Trial lesson

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How much does a trial lesson cost?

A trial lesson is free and is about creating an experience of succes for the student, and to figure out, if our education is suitable for the student. Trial lesson is non-binding and applies for one free lesson (1 hour 30 minutes).

Can I attend a team, if I can't skate?

We recommend you to be able to do the following, before attending education:

Scooter: Drive straight and jump on a flat surface with both legs on the scooter.
Rollerblades: Stand upright, drive straight and jump on a flat surface on rollerblades.
Skateboard: Being able to “push” and drive straight with both legs on the skateboard.

If you or your child can’t is not able to do the above yet, we recommend a private session (privatundervisning) for starting. We can ensure a good, safe start before starting team education.

Can I borrow equipment for trial lesson?

As a starting point, you must bring your own equipment for a trial lesson. We do however provide rental gear for the trial lesson for a price. The price depends on e.g. equipment/transport.

If you do not have your own equipment, we recommend that you buy a private lesson (privatundervisning). Here you can borrow equipment for free.

Through our skateshop, we can also help with the purchase of equipment.

What do you do, in case of bad weather?

In the summer season from 1st of March to 31st of October, lessons are allocated to the nearest covered skating facilities in case of bad weather. If this is not an option, the lesson will be moved to another day.

During the winter season from November 1 to February 31, we teach at indoor skateparks. Here, teaching is not affected by the weather.

How does the team education work?

Team lessons last 1 hour and 30 minutes, and are built to teach you the necessary techniques and tricks to skate independently. Focus is based on the fact that individual teaching always depends on the level of the students present.

The teams are divided into three age groups: Child (5 to 7 years), junior (8 to 17 years) and adult (18 years+). If the number of students allows it, we also divide into levels. Primarily on the junior teams.

We aim to have six to eight students in a team with one instructor. It gives you the opportunity to always have time for individual focus, while at the same time there is a community to share your experiences of success with.

What is your philosophy of teaching?

The starting point of teaching is to teach you how to become a “skater”. We don’t just want to make you good at skating, but also introduce you to – or strengthen your relationship with – the skate culture.

The main goal in teaching you is that you continuously improve. It is our experience that it is the successful experiences of learning something new and overcoming new obstacles that are the greatest joy and motivational factor in the sport of skating. In addition to meeting others and having fun on wheels, of course.

If everything goes as desired, you will end up with us with the skills to skate both in and outside the skateparks. And to develop yourself as a skater on your own going forward. Because then you can undoubtedly live “life on wheels” and take advantage of the great freedom that skating on rollerblades, scooter or skateboard offers.